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16 Australian Olympics Moments That Have Gone Down In History

Never forget Nikki Webster and that pink dress.

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1. Steven Bradbury miraculously winning gold.

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When the four people in front of him stacked it on the last lap, speed skater Steven Bradbury won gold in an event that, let's face it, we had no hope of winning.

2. Jane Saville being disqualified.

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In one of the most heartbreaking Olympic moments ever, Jane Saville was disqualified 200 metres from the end of the 20km walk for taking both feet off the ground. She then came back to win bronze at Athens four years later.

3. The men's 4x100 metres relay in 2000.

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The American team were undefeated in this race, and a month before the event, sprinter Gary Hall Jr. was quoted that they would "smash [the Aussies] like guitars". Well, turns out that the Australians won gold, and gave us this iconic moment.


5. Edwin Flack's incredible Olympic campaign.

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Now THIS is impressive. Edwin was an Aussie living in London when the first ever modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens. Not only did he compete in and win gold in the 800 metre and the 1500 metre races, he also ran the marathon and came third in the doubles tennis (bronze medals weren't a thing then). What a legend.

6. Sally Robbins giving up mid-race.

William West / AFP / Getty Images

During the final 500 metres of a women's eight rowing event, she basically gave up and lay down, which really, really pissed everyone off.

7. Alisa Camplin winning a medal at two winter Olympics in a row.

Robert Laberge / Getty Images

We're not really known for slaying the winter games, which is why it was so exciting when Alisa won gold in the aerial skiing event despite having two broken ankles. Four years later, she became the first Australian to win consecutive winter medals, when she won bronze in Turin.

8. Nikki Webster being hoisted in the air at the Opening Ceremony.

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Channel 7 / Via

And then singing "Under The Southern Skies" which is super cute but also nowhere near as good as you remember it being.


9. Kieran Perkins winning the 1500 metres in 1996.

David Cannon / Getty Images

He was sick leading up to the games, and ended up in lane eight in the finals, aka the lane for people who probably won't win. But he did!


15. Anna Meares' Beijing silver medal.

Daniel Garcia / AFP / Getty Images

EIGHT MONTHS after breaking her neck in a cycling accident, Anna qualified for the Beijing Olympics and only narrowly missed out on gold. VERY impressive.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that in 1956 we won 14 gold medals in 13 events. That's literally impossible. We meant 14 medals in total!