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Lamar Odom Claims That Kanye "Saved" Him

"Kanye always felt that we could cure him through music."

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Kim said that when Lamar listened to Kanye's music, it would help him think and start articulating what he wanted to say.


"There was a moment when Lamar couldn’t really express himself and he couldn’t really talk, but he could hear what we were saying to him. Kanye really felt that we could cure him through music; we can get him to talk."

Apparently, Kanye visited Lamar a lot in the hospital.


"He would go to the hospital and rap and sing," said Kim. "I think Lamar started to get his function back and started to talk, once he got to listen to a lot of music."

Later in the episode, Khloé kind of confirmed that her and Lamar are moving forward with their divorce.


For some random reason, Kris starts talking about her friend Melanie Griffith, who married her husband twice. Khloé replies, “That could be you, Lamar, if you’re lucky.”

“We’re definitely getting out of this marriage, because it’s been a little tainted," she says to Kris and Kourtney. "We need to cut our ties, and we can figure it back out."