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19 People Who Really Did The Most With Their Kmart Homewares

Can I just live at Kmart?

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FYI: These are all items from Kmart Australia.

1. This bar trolley, which doesn't always have to be used as a bar.

Instagram: @styledbylaurajane

2. Or this wheel-free appropriation of the same thing.

Instagram: @buildingourfirsthouse

3. This basket, made more colourful with some stuck-on pom-poms.

Instagram: @kellieillichmann

4. Or this basket turned into a pot plant holder, spiced up with some DIY tassels.

Instagram: @my

5. And this more creative use, as a unique light fixture.

Instagram: @bonniesfarmhouse

6. This decorative ladder, spruced up with some white paint and bamboo rods.

Instagram: @style

7. These hanging shelves, made homey with faux leaves and prints.

Instagram: @cm_my_home_styling

8. This ingenious way to contain a sandpit in your yard.

Instagram: @_mum_of_one_

9. This canvas print, sliced up into a photo-frame size.

Instagram: @ti

10. This table, made 1000x classier with $3 marble wrap.

Instagram: @mumlifedownunder

11. This ~coffee station~, made with a shelf and some kitchen canisters.

Instagram: @ashjayde_x

12. And these super cute labels to make you feel like you're living in a fancy hotel.

Instagram: @our

13. This coat and hat stand, transformed into an indoor tree.

Instagram: @my_personal_permaculture

14. This side table tzuzjed up with some rose gold paint.

Instagram: @silvertwister

15. This trinket tray being used as a succulent holder.

Instagram: @lovesuccs

16. And this pot plant stand used as a globe lamp holder.

17. This hall table topped with tropical contact paper and glass for a real holiday vibe.

Instagram: @interior

18. This bathroom shelf turned into a pot plant home.

Instagram: @greenery_lane_shop

19. And this bookshelf/woven basket combo to keep your stuff looking neat and tidy.

Instagram: @thelaurencook