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    21 Kmart Hacks Every Decor Lover Needs To Try

    Like you needed an excuse to do another Kmart order.

    1. Jazz up an ottoman

    2. Make a statement lamp

    3. Hide your stinky kitty litter

    4. Make your pot plants more interesting

    5. Add a tabletop to your lounge

    6. Get inventive with bedroom furniture

    7. Don't overlook a dog bed

    8. Use wallpaper to spruce up old furniture

    9. Or use it to class-up a shoe cabinet

    10. Make donuts in the sausage roll machine

    11. Revamp a side table

    12. Then use the same plaster to DIY some modern art

    13. Take your side tables to a whole new level

    14. (Or here's a method that doesn't need tools)

    15. Aaaaaand here's some inspiration if you don't want to do the whole thing

    16. Leave the legs off your cabinets to make a good wall unit

    17. Make a terrarium from a lamp

    18. Elevate your photo game

    19. Display your plant collection

    20. Turn an ottoman into a functional table

    21. And finally, combine the tray with a wire stand

    Do you know any epic Kmart hacks we missed? Let us know your tips in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed article!