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    21 Kmart Hacks Every Decor Lover Needs To Try

    Like you needed an excuse to do another Kmart order.

    1. Jazz up an ottoman

    2. Make a statement lamp

    3. Hide your stinky kitty litter

    Naomi Schremmer / Via Facebook: 330596703984165, Lesley Juchau / Via Facebook: photo

    Turn any cabinet or storage box into a kitty litter hider. Just cut a hole into the side panel, or take it off entirely. If you don't have power tools, you can get a plastic drawer stack and cut into it with a sharp knife.

    4. Make your pot plants more interesting

    5. Add a tabletop to your lounge

    TikTok: @kat_laneandco / Via

    Don't have a coffee table? Are you constantly balancing your wine glasses and mugs on the arm of your sofa? Turn a serving tray into a custom lounge table with nothing but a drill.

    6. Get inventive with bedroom furniture

    Jess Saolele / Via Facebook: photo

    As Jess Saolele pointed out in a Kmart lovers Facebook group: Why not use these plant stands as bedside tables? So much more surface area!

    7. Don't overlook a dog bed

    TikTok: @danikakrnjaic_ / Via

    Turns out a big dog bed and some pillows make for a perfect outdoor couch, especially if you've got a palette or slab to put it on. 

    8. Use wallpaper to spruce up old furniture

    Facebook: Christine Deck / Via Facebook: 330596703984165, TikTok: @dreamercandleco / Via

    Did you know that Kmart sells self-adhesive wallpaper? It can be used for so many different things — like reviving an old bookshelf, making your table or desk way more interesting, or just as real wallpaper.

    9. Or use it to class-up a shoe cabinet

    Nicole Lou / Via Facebook: 330596703984165, Via Facebook: 330596703984165

    Use glue, nails or staples to fix the wallpaper sheet in behind the slats of this shoe cabinet.

    10. Make donuts in the sausage roll machine

    Facebook: Fua Lole / Via Facebook: 330596703984165

    Some genius figured out that you can pour doughnut mix into the Kmart sausage roll maker and get a damn delicious result. You could do something similar in the pie maker too. 

    11. Revamp a side table

    12. Then use the same plaster to DIY some modern art

    13. Take your side tables to a whole new level

    14. (Or here's a method that doesn't need tools)

    15. Aaaaaand here's some inspiration if you don't want to do the whole thing

    16. Leave the legs off your cabinets to make a good wall unit

    17. Make a terrarium from a lamp

    @chelsyburton / Via

    Kmart's glass base lamp can be turned very easily into a cute little terrarium — and the lamp still works! That particular lamp isn't in stock right now but you can find alternatives

    18. Elevate your photo game

    TikTok: dreamercandleco

    Don't take pictures on ugly white backgrounds for a second longer! A TikTok user realised you can use the Kmart cardstock as a staging tool for photos, particularly good if you've got a small business!

    19. Display your plant collection

    20. Turn an ottoman into a functional table

    21. And finally, combine the tray with a wire stand

    TikTok: @annabelledane / Via

    The same serving platter can be painted and glued to a Kmart plant stand to make a cute end table for your hallway or living room. 

    Do you know any epic Kmart hacks we missed? Let us know your tips in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed article!

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