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    KFC Is Now Selling Merch, So You Can Walk Around In Nugg Trackies

    Never taking these bad boys off.

    Even if you're not a fan of their chicken or burgs, everyone in Australia can probably agree that KFC have the best chips of any fast food place.

    Faye Orlove / Via, E!

    And that potato and gravy?? Mmm fuck me up.

    But now, KFC has done something even more iconic. Yep, they've got merch.


    Look at all those chickens.

    Starting from tomorrow, KFC-obsessed Aussies can get their hands on a range of clothes and accessories that pay love to their chicken joint.


    You can get trackies, socks, budgie smugglers a necklace... and for some reason, chicken-scented surf wax???

    Plus, all the profits will go to KFC Youth Foundation, which supports charities that offer youth services like mentorship, mental wellbeing and skill development.


    Idk about you guys, but I need that nug life pin in my life right now.


    You can get your paws on these goodies from Thursday the 16th.