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    26 Rules Every Aussie Girl Followed While Shopping At Supre In The '00s

    An outfit is always incomplete without a belt.

    1. A slogan tee is ALWAYS a good idea.,, Supre / Via Wayback Machine

    2. Especially if it's fluro coloured.

    Supre / Via Wayback Machine, Flickr: 44913619@N04

    3. And ESPECIALLY if it has the word bitch on it.

    4. Activism is cool, but global warming is not.

    5. Ra-ra skirts will always be in fashion.

    6. And you can even wear them in winter, over some leggings.

    Supre / Via Wayback Machine

    7. An outfit is incomplete without a belt.

    William West / AFP / Getty Images

    8. But material belts > normal belts.

    9. Also wrap belts > normal belts.

    10. Though the holy grail of belts are these circular ones.

    11. Spaghetti strap singlets are A STAPLE.

    12. And you can always class them up with a lace trim.

    13. Elastic bow headbands are something you need in every colour.


    14. Printed denim skirts are the epitome of cool.

    15. And shorts should only really just cover your butt cheeks.

    16. Unless they're long enough to come down to your knee.

    17. Flared jeans will never not be cool.

    18. And if you want skinny jeans, they should definitely be coloured.

    19. Beaded necklaces are best when the beads get bigger at the bottom.


    20. But the only thing better than beads is a pendant on a long chain.


    21. Nautical theme (aka stripes and red accents) is the height of fashion.


    22. As is anything khaki or camo.

    23. Boho is in, thanks to Isabel Lucas.

    Supre, Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

    24. Your trackies should be long enough that they trail on the floor and get ratty.

    Supre / WayBack Machine

    25. You need at least one themed outfit in your wardrobe, just in case.

    26. And the pink material bags go with EVERY outfit.

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