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17 Ways To Make Your Study Space Somewhere You Actually Want To Be

If you have to study, you may as well do it in style.

1. Get a cookbook stand to hold open your textbooks.

2. Make sure you have some really good pens.

3. And stock up on lots of coloured pens and highlighters.

4. Try to have some space around your desk to stretch.

5. Keep your desk free of clutter.

6. And always clear away books and papers that you're not immediately using.

7. Burn a nice-smelling candle while you study.

8. Get some index cards.

9. Keep water handy.

You need to stay hydrated while studying to avoid headaches. But if you need to keep getting up for glasses of water, it'll be really easy to get distracted. So invest in a pretty jug or bottle that matches your desk's ~aesthetic~, like these ones from Typo.

10. Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

11. Stash tasty rewards in your drawers.

12. Decorate your space with positive affirmations.

13. Also stick a study timetable on your wall.

14. Always have Post-It notes in different colours.

15. Or get a whiteboard to write to-do lists, or formulas and terms you need to remember.

16. Keep a small notepad or paper on hand so you can write down any random thoughts or ideas you have.

17. And, if all else fails, just make sure you have really good lighting.