33 Photos That Prove The Northern Territory Is Like Nowhere Else On Earth

    It's time to discover the Top End.

    1. There's a huge and beautiful rock in the middle of the desert.

    2. In fact, there are amazing rock formations all over the place that you'd never see anywhere else.

    3. Including one which looks like a giant toothbrush.

    4. Don't forget the Devil's Marbles.

    5. And Kata Tjuta.

    6. But it's not all rocks and red dust.

    7. There is some interesting flora to be found in the NT.

    8. It looks amazing from the sky.

    9. You can go for hundreds of kilometres without seeing anybody.

    10. So there are plenty of isolated places for skinny dipping.

    11. There's a diverse range of friendly wildlife.

    12. And some not so friendly.

    13. But of course, some very unique creatures.

    14. And some you mightn't expect.

    15. Some little...

    16. And some you can't miss.

    17. The skies are unnaturally blue.

    18. Especially set against the red rock.

    19. The occasional clouds only add to the beauty.

    20. Particularly at sunset.

    21. The sunsets themselves are ridiculously photogenic.

    22. Seriously? This is a real place?

    23. Though the real magic begins when the sun goes down.

    24. The lack of light pollution makes for amazing night skies.

    25. The beaches are spectacular and never crowded.

    26. Or there's rivers to swim in if you'd prefer.

    27. Also waterfalls...

    28. Waterholes...

    29. And plenty of other places to cool off.

    30. There is amazing art, some of which predates European settlement.

    31. The sand in the desert is like none you've ever seen before.

    32. The red colour comes from iron oxide particles.

    33. The Northern Territory truly is a magnificent place.