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17 Influencers Who Got Immediately Called Out On Their BS

So. Much. Mess.

The influencer industry is a messy one. It feels like every day, someone is getting called out for saying something incredibly out-of-touch, for photoshopping their pics, or starting fights online.

But if there's one thing people on the internet are going to do, it's call out bullshit when they see it.

Here are some of the best times that influencers got pulled up after acting out:

1. YouTuber Haley Pham was labeled as entitled for saying that her holiday to Greece was "not fun."

A screenshot from a video, showing Haley Pham talking to the camera with a white wall behind her

2. Mikayla Nogueira was accused of using false eyelashes in a before-and-after TikTok video sponsored by L’Oreal.

A close up of a girl applying mascara to to her eyelashes

3. Kensington Tillo was labeled as "privileged" when she decided to leave Coachella a day early.

4. Swedish Instagrammer Johanna Olsson was dragged for uploading photos from her Paris trip which were very obviously fake.

5. Meanwhile, a French influencer was caught red-handed while faking a business class plane ticket.

6. Nessa Barrett had to apologize after sharing a video of her dancing to a recording of the Quran.

Nessa Barrett attending the American Music Awards in a fluffy pink dress

7. Tupi Saravia was absolutely rinsed after people realized she was editing the same clouds into all her photos.

8. Locals got heated when Oliver and Josh, from Foreign Talk podcast, had a discussion about how Houston is "the worst place in the world."


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Influencers and podcasters behind the Foreign Talk podcast, Oliver and Josh, absolutely dragged Houston to hell when discussing the city. "That is the most depressing place," one of them said. 

"It's, like, 50 guys just laying in the streets, probably pumping heroin and stuff," Josh added. "I'm just looking at my homie, and I'm like: 'Bro, where are we?'" A listener replied: "Breaking news: Large city has homeless people."

9. Jackie O was slammed for suggesting that shootings are more common in cheaper movie theaters.

10. Trisha Paytas was called out for posting a YouTube video titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)."

11. The Auschwitz Museum publicly called out all the influencers who visit and disrespect the history of the place.

12. A ton of people got mad at Emma Chamberlain for implying that her job is harder than a regular 9-5.

A photo of Emma Chamberlain posing on the red carpet with dark hair and makeup

13. Jeffree Star pissed off a ton of people when he said that they/them pronouns are "bullshit."

A photo of Jeffree Starr posing in a pink jewelled dress, long blonde hair, eating cotton candy

14. A British influencer got dragged when she moved into a luxury hotel after her heater broke.

Lydia Millen made a TikTok about moving into the Savoy while wearing a $30k outfit... all during the peak of the cost-of-living crisis in the UK.

15. A YouTuber caught some apparent "paranormal activity" on camera, but everyone called BS immediately.

A photo of Daisy Marquez posing at an event wearing a white shirt and jeans with a tiny pink bag

16. People didn't love the idea of a fashion influencer offering paid one-on-one therapy sessions that were based off positive vibes.

Santoshi Shetty posing at a Daniel Wellington event in an all-black outfit

17. Finally, two fashion girlies got ridiculed for taking taxis around NYC.

So, @laurenwolfe and @acquiredstyle made a TikTok about wanting to take the subway to save money but always ending up in an Uber. It started a wholllleeee discussion about wealth inequality, with many people labeling the girls — and many other NYC influencers — as very out of touch.