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    Here's All The Evidence That Taylor Swift Might Drop A Secret Album This Month

    OK. Breathe.

    Since 2006, Taylor Swift has released an album every two years, in October*.

    Instagram: @jcjulian_ / Via

    *OK, Fearless was released in early November 2008, but you get the gist.

    Following this pattern, her sixth studio album should have been released this month. But considering she mentioned in April that she's taking a break, and hasn't released the first single (which usually drops around August), most fans assumed Taylor was breaking tradition and we all gave up on a 2016 album.

    Which is like, totally fine. We don't need new music, it's so, so fine.

    Earlier this year, it was announced that Taylor would be performing at the Formula 1 race in Texas in late October, her only concert for the whole year of 2016.

    We knew she was trouble when she walked in. COTA confirms US GP... and Taylor Swift will perform on Saturday! #F1

    Sure, she could be doing a greatest hits setlist, but wouldn't it make more sense for her to use this show to promote and perform new music?

    She's also been spending a lot of time in Nashville recently, which is where she usually writes and records her albums.

    We met Taylor Swift and we were awestruck and she was awestruck of Ava @taylorswift13

    Her BFF Gigi Hadid also mentioned last month that Taylor was back in the studio working on new music.

    The president of Taylor's record label, Scott Borchetta, tweeted that the album WOULDN'T be released this October, but then he deleted it soon after.

    According to @scottborchetta, TS6 is NOT going to be released on October! (via @TSwiftPR)

    Why'd you delete it Scott? What are you hiding?

    Last month, Taylor's fan-turned-friend Kelsea Ballerini posted a song on her Snapchat which sounded SO MUCH like a new Taylor Swift song, and caused major meltdowns.

    It turns out that it was just a new song of Kelsea's, and had nothing to do with Taylor at all. But honestly, listen to it. It sounds A LOT like Tay. A LOT.

    Y'all! I'm just as excited for some new T Swift jams, but I'm not involved with it!! Roses was a demo of mine. Craz…

    And then this lady (who appears to be an intern at a US radio station) tweeted AND DELETED about hearing new music from Taylor.

    Twitter: @terrixrenee

    Apparently it was deleted because she was actually referring to the Kelsea song, and though it was Taylor. But it's still fishy, and is being entered as evidence.

    OK. SO. This week, AT&T announced that Taylor has signed a multi-year deal with them.

    What does that even mean? Well, the details are all pretty sketchy. What we know so far is that Taylor is going to be headlining the company's annual DIRECTV Super Saturday Night, a huge concert held in Houston the night before the Superbowl. The deal will probably also include more concerts in the future, and probably some exclusive content for AT&T customers.

    So... once again, why would Taylor be entering into this huge deal, and agreeing to headline a concert in February if she didn't have new music?


    Makes you think.

    And finally, the Washington Post have published a story this week claiming that they've cracked the code, and Taylor's album will drop on the 23rd of October, the day after her Formula 1 performance. / Via

    Yeah, that's in less than three weeks. The theory is that she'll drop this "secret" album right after her concert, probably exclusively on Apple Music. Also please note that the 24th of October this year will be the TEN YEAR anniversary of her debut album's release. Coincidence???????

    Imagine Taylor on stage in Austin "Guys I have some exciting news" Us: 💀 "I have a new album" Us: 💀 "It drops on iTunes at midnight" Us:☠️

    If that's not evidence enough, how about this: You probably know that Taylor has a borderline obsession with the number 13.

    But, hang on... where did this speculation from the Washington Post even come from?

    what if taylor is like having media write articles like "taylor might release a surprise album," so it sells a lot, but it's also a surprise

    Some fans reckon that Taylor's management have been dropping hints to media so that she can release a ~secret~ album, but still promo it in some way. Which makes sense tbh.

    On the other hand, last year Taylor said she'd be taking a step back from music in 2016 because people might need a break from her.

    And let's be real, between Calvin Harris, Kimye, and Tom Hiddleston, she hasn't exactly been hidden from the headlines this year. Her management is usually pretty savvy about avoiding overexposure, and her career might benefit from a year where literally nobody talks about her. Maybe these concerts are just random one-offs and we won't be getting a new album at all. But the evidence is pretty damning.

    So basically this is the whole Taylor Swift fandom right now.

    Bring on October 23rd!

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