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31 Times Iggy Azalea Owned Instagram In 2014

Iggy has more Insta followers than any other Australian. #Fancy.

1. Firstly, when she shared her new year's resolutions.

2. Though one of them may have been a little unrealistic.

3. When she took one of the best dog photos of the year.

4. But came in a close second with this one.

5. When she showed off her basketball prowess.

6. When she made you super jealous of her gingerbread house making skills.

7. When she rocked this huge hat without looking like a farmer.

8. And when she hung out with these randoms.

9. When she hands down won Halloween 2014.

10. When she collaborated with Steve Madden to create these bitchin' shoes which are very 'Cinderella meets Destiny's Child'.

11. Or the time when she took better Polaroid photos than Taylor Swift ever could.

12. When she shared our unconditional love for Target.

13. And was one half of the cutest couple ever.

14. This.

15. When she just chilled out on a speedboat, as you do.

16. And then ate pizza on a private plane with Rita Ora. No biggie.

17. She used that plane a lot this year.

18. Though it wasn't her only form of boss transport.

19. That time she made line dancing sexy for the first time ever.

20. When her and her man had matching hairstyles.

21. When she had the raddest belt / metal corset combo .

22. When she made her 5.9 million followers crave In-N-Out.

23. When she showed off this amazing vajazzled bikini with a matching scrunchie.

24. That time she gave us this epic homage to Mean Girls.

25. When we all got an insight into her shopping trolley.

26. And all the times she shared the most adorable #tbt photos.

27. When she got her name misspelled, just like the rest of us.

28. When she posed with this massive ball of fairy floss.

29. And celebrated her Aussie childhood by loving musk sticks while simultaneously hating them.

30. When she was so excited for chicken that she literally danced into a Pollo Tropical.

31. And finally, when she used about a million fairy lights to create the most-decorated Christmas tree ever.

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