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22 Photos That Prove Both Australia And The USA Have Insane Food Choices

(Australia is still better though, sorry.)

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1. Bacon in USA:

Reddit: Spartan006 / Via

Bacon in Australia:

Reddit: _Orokusaki / Via

2. Fast food in USA:

Reddit: goodboyBill / Via

Fast food in Australia:

3. Desserts in USA:

drew5125 / Via

Desserts in Australia:

Reddit: HardstyleX / Via

4. Wine in USA:

Reddit: obviousplant / Via

Wine in Australia:

Reddit: amici_ursi / Via

5. Patriotic pizza in USA:

There's a recipe here if you're interested.
Reddit: Zupwat / Via

There's a recipe here if you're interested.

Patriotic pizza in Australia:

Reddit: Scamwau / Via

6. Sandwiches in USA:

Reddit: Crystal_Peak / Via

Sandwiches in Australia:

Reddit: l_am_Jacks_colon / Via

7. Combination restaurants in USA:

Combination restaurants in Australia:

Reddit: CCPearson / Via

8. Candy in USA:

Reddit: LiquidSnape / Via

Candy in Australia:

Riviera Confectionary

9. Salads in USA:

Reddit: Exodus111 / Via

Salads in Australia:

10. TV snacks in USA:

Reddit: hell-brent / Via

TV snacks in Australia:

Reddit: DangerSaurus / Via

11. Beer in USA:

Beer in Australia:

Facebook: Rosewood Hotel