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19 Photos That Definitely Won't Make Sense To Straight Girls

"My girlfriend hasn't texted me in three hours, which is six months in lesbian time."

1. When you're talking to your straight friends about sex:

2. Or when someone tries to tell you that lesbian sex isn't "real" sex:

3. When you've been on two dates with the same girl:

4. When you're ready to take the next step:

5. When a fuckboi tries to tell you that he can "make you straight":

6. When you try to flirt with a girl but she thinks you're just complimenting her:

7. Or when you develop a crush on a girl who is definitely straight:

8. When you go down on a girl but don't tie your hair back:

9. When you try new things in bed that don't always work out:

10. And that awkward moment when you're just lying there waiting:

11. When you see another lesbian out in public:

12. When you're getting ready for Valentine's Day:

13. When you're single and ready to mingle:

14. When you start to get hand cramps but she tells you not to stop:

15. Or when you hurt your wrist and it severely limits your social life:

16. When bae hasn't replied and it's been 20 minutes:

17. When you see this girl and get filled with rage:

18. When you're trying to find a girl who hasn't also dated your friend or your ex:

19. And when you've been single for a few months and you worry you'll end up like this: