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17 People Who Clearly Have No Idea How Vegemite Works

Wtf is a Marmite?

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1. This café worker who may have been trying to poison their customers.

Instagram: @itgetsbitter / Via

2. Or this worker who clearly just DGAF.

Instagram: @itgetsbitter / Via

3. And this café which should be stripped of its Vegemite license.

Reddit: Pict / Via

4. This guy, who is ruining the good name of Vegemite.

5. This person, whose bread was just too soft.

Instagram: @modelburnbook / Via

6. This person, who dared put an empty jar back in the cupboard.

Instagram: @calmac24 / Via

7. And this person, who tried despite such an off ratio.

Redit: guyandrodd / Via

8. This person, who is wrong on so many levels.

9. The ice cream maker who thought this was a good idea.

Reddit: tw33kz0r / Via

10. And Woolies, for jumping on the bandwagon.

11. The barista who invented the Vegemite latte.

Reddit: Matti_Matti_Matti / Via

12. The insane person who made Vegemite and SHERBET pancakes.

Reddit: RobLowe19 / Via

13. Tayla's parents, and everyone else with that opinion.

my parents are arguing with me saying marmite is better than vegemite. i cant believe this

14. Cadbury.

Instagram: @gumboh7 / Via

15. Smith's.

16. Every person who was involved in this decision.

Instagram: @jodielah / Via

17. And everyone who keeps Vegemite in the fridge.

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