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    Posted on 10 Oct 2015

    55 Things Everyone Does While They're Supposed To Be Studying

    Disclaimer: Nothing on this list actually has anything to do with study.

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    1. Clean your room.

    2. Take up Pilates via YouTube videos.

    3. Work out how many chicken nuggets you'd have to line up to reach the moon.

    4. Organise your bookshelf alphabetically.

    5. Organise your bookshelf by colour order.

    6. Learn the Braveheart monologue off by heart.

    7. Arrange a tub of gummy bears into an army with toothpick swords.

    8. Pick a loose thread off your jumper and end up accidentally unravelling it all.

    9. Write your first novella.

    10. Spend two hours filling up a shopping cart on ASOS and then only buying one plain t-shirt.

    11. Work out what is the lowest score possible you could get on your exams while still being able to get into the course you want.

    12. Plot out your family tree.


    13. Watch 45 YouTube trailers for movies that are coming out this year.

    14. Consider re-reading Twilight.

    15. Try to cook a croquembouche.

    16. Unearth your old Lego collection and use it to build a recreation of your school.

    17. Go onto Pottermore and study for your O.W.L.s.

    18. Find a cure for cancer.

    19. Begin training for American Ninja Warrior.

    20. Watch every Sophia Grace and Rosie video that Ellen has ever released.


    21. Rank every one of Taylor Swift's boyfriends by hotness.

    22. Learn the dance sequence from Napoleon Dynamite.

    23. Wonder how much garbage collectors get paid.

    24. Figure out if a Kilometrico pen actually writes for a whole kilometre.

    25. Learn how to make pastry from scratch.

    26. Research the possibility of moving to Peru and becoming a llama farmer.

    27. Create a storyboard and a cast list for your upcoming biopic.

    28. Try to figure out how to send a fax.

    29. Make 1000 paper cranes.

    30. Figure out how many different sentences you can write on your scientific calculator.

    31. Spend 20 minutes finding a new desktop background.

    32. Go through all your socks and throw out any that have holes in them.

    33. Use balled-up holey socks to teach yourself how to juggle.

    34. Go sock shopping.

    35. Keep up with all 10 seasons of the Kardashians.


    36. Play the airport game on Google Maps.

    37. Watch every Nicolas Cage film ever made.

    38. Then make a blog about it called

    39. Spend an hour making your desk look really good and Instagram it so everyone thinks you're studying.

    40. Elaborately booby-trap the hallway outside your room so you know when your parents will be walking past.

    41. Tweeze out all your arm hairs one by one.

    42. Learn to contour your face.

    43. Research how much all your childhood toys are now worth on eBay.

    44. Read the required texts for the subjects that you're not taking.

    45. Consider making an ant farm.

    46. Then wonder if you "create", "cultivate", "make" or "build" an ant farm.


    47. Check if your Neopets are still alive.

    48. Dust off your old GameBoy and try once again to beat the Elite Four.

    49. Attempt a handstand push-up.

    50. Spend an hour researching what foods are the best to eat while studying.

    51. But then just eat a really unhealthy meal instead.

    52. Create an alternate version of yourself on "The Sims" who passes all their exams and becomes an astronaut.

    53. Write your Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

    54. Try not to cry.

    55. Cry.

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