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    24 "Grey's Anatomy" Moments That'll Remind You How Good It Used To Be

    It's just not what it used to be.

    Grey's Anatomy is definitely a great, amazing, wonderful show.

    But honestly, 13 seasons is a little much. And I think we can all agree that nothing will ever top the first five.

    1. Like, remember when George was hopelessly in love with Meredith but she was too obsessed with Derek to even notice?

    2. When Meredith and Cristina used to have huge tequila-filled nights.

    3. And dealt with their problems by dancing it out.

    4. When the hospital was overrun with syphilis, thanks to Alex.

    5. When Addison showed up in Seattle and it was the ~first big twist~ of the show.

    6. And basically every second she was on the show from then on.

    7. When Meredith got high on painkillers.

    8. When Izzie used baking as a coping tool.

    9. When Meredith uttered what has become the show's most iconic line.

    10. When Izzie publicly clapped back to Alex shaming her Bethany Whisper ads.

    11. And when the interns had a hot dog-eating contest.

    12. When Derek and Meredith got down and dirty at prom, and she lost her panties.

    13. Denny. :'(

    14. Then when we got the heartbreaking "Chasing Cars" scene where Izzie quit, and Meredith walked away from both Derek and Finn.

    15. When Sloan showed up and Derek punched him out in front of everyone.

    16. And of course, when they named him McSteamy.

    17. When Addison got loaded and kept calling Bailey "Amanda".

    18. This iconic elevator scene.

    19. When Callie FINALLY kissed Hahn.

    20. And when Hahn got very full-on and ranted about leaves and glasses.

    21. When Cristina almost got married... without eyebrows.

    22. And every second of Izzie and Alex's wedding.

    23. When Alex and Addison had a short-lived but hot AF affair.

    24. When Meredith built Derek a goddamn CANDLE HOUSE.

    I miss you, Grey's.