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19 Times Debbie Thornberry Was The Coolest Bitch Out

So. Damn. Sassy.

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1. When she was the epitome of angsty teenager.

2. When she really tried to make beatnik a thing.

3. When she spoke her own language.

4. And was straight-up fluent in sarcasm.


9. When she just wanted to dress grunge, despite what the magazines told her to do.

11. When she really tried to be a good sister.

12. When she had no time for anyone.


13. When she had her priorities in order.

14. That time she put her crazy brother to good use.

15. When she questioned the meaning of life, but then realised burgers are more important.

16. When she lazed with a purpose.


17. That time she had very on-brand reading material.

18. That time she went through her goth phase.