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23 Struggles Only People With iPhones Will Understand


1. When your charger breaks three months after you got it.

2. When your phone dies even though it was on 17%.

3. Or when it jumps from 60% to 42% with no explanation.

4. When you accidentally open the front camera and see a gargoyle staring back at you.

5. When you see the bubbles that means someone's typing but then they disappear and a message doesn't arrive.

6. When you're in public and someone else's phone rings and you think it's your own because EVERYONE HAS THE SAME DAMN RINGTONE.

7. When you can't find your phone and it's on silent.

8. When you drop your phone and it lands face down, and you're too scared to look at the screen.

9. When you text someone who doesn't have iMessage.

10. When Siri is straight-up unhelpful.

11. When your cloud is full and you just can't be bothered to do anything about it.

12. And when you're feeling your look but your phone just won't help you out.

13. When there's an air bubble under your screen protector and you have to look at it every time you use your phone.

14. When you put your earphones in your pocket and somehow this happens.

15. When you're racing to send a text before your phone dies and this happens.

16. When you forget to turn off background app refresh.

17. When the thumbprint scanner doesn't work and you have to enter your code like you're a chump with an iPhone 4.

18. When this happens in summer.

19. When you have to make a folder for all the dumb apps you never use.

20. When you try to navigate somewhere using Apple maps.

21. When Apple announces a new model just after you've bought the latest one.

22. When you text someone and they have their read receipts on.

23. And when you always need to be near a power point.