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32 Things You Forgot Happened In 2015

"Oh, yeah!" – You reading this post.

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1. Tony Abbott bit into a raw onion like it was no biggie.

2. So naturally, when Malcolm Turnbull challenged Abbott's leadership back in September, Aussies put their onions out in support.

Goodbye, Tone. #putoutyouronions #libspill #auspol



(Even though Johnny was the sexiest man alive...twice.)

He's still trying to kill those dogs, fyi.

15. Jimmy Fallon told his audience not to listen to this Aussie rapper's killer tune "Let Me Take You to Da Movies".

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But it's actually goddamn catchy. The artist, Bangs, released another song as a response to Fallon disrespecting him.


18. Tony Abbott embraced his love for speed dealer sunnies.

PM dons some flash sunnies #auspol #libspill

19. Then later in the year, he groomed social services minister Scott Morrison like some kind of monkey.

23. Dawn Fraser made this strangely racist comment, telling Nick Kyrgios that he should "go back" to where his parents came from.

She later "unreservedly" apologised.


24. Foxtel ran an anti-marriage equality ad, and angered quite a lot of people.

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25. Blogger Belle Gibson revealed that she never had brain cancer.

Bauer Media / Australian Women’s Weekly

Belle built a career by claiming she had overcome cancer by following a whole-food diet, but told Australian Women's Weekly earlier this year that she made it all up.


28. Fans of tennis player Nick Kyrgios started smearing their faces with Vegemite?

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