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Oops, Britney Spears Seems To Have Forgotten About That Time She Met Taylor Swift

Guess that memory must have got lost in the game.

This morning, Britney Spears was interviewed on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

She spoke about her new single, "Make Me", and her upcoming album. "I really have no idea when it's supposed to come out," she said. OK.

But most importantly, when Britney was asked if she'd rather hang with Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, she chose Taylor because she's "never met her before".

"I briefly met @katyperry, so would rather fly with @taylorswift13 because I've never met her before" @britneyspears

Huh...that's interesting.

Because this photo from the 2008 VMAs says otherwise:

Kevin Mazur / WireImage

And we can't forget this photo from 2003, aka one of the most iconic images of all time.


Kevin Mazur / WireImage / BuzzFeed

Well to be fair, this VMAs encounter was a whole year before Kanye made Taylor famous so I guess Britney just thought she was another random fan.


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