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    Here's How To Get The Ultimate Dadbod

    Beer, pizza, TV. Repeat.

    Dadbods are so in right now.

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    Men around the world are looking up to body image icons such as Seth Rogen... / Via Popsugar

    ...Alec Baldwin...

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    ...and even the once-toned Leo Dicaprio.

    But how can one achieve ultimate dadbod?


    We know that before long, there'll be an infinite number of dadbod blogs and Instagrams, offering programs promising the desired dadbod results in four to six weeks. But we're here to show you how easy it can be.

    According to a ~dadbod expert~, the dadbod says, "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time".

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    So basically, you're going to be looking at having one to two high calorie meals per day. It also helps if you're either a) too busy to exercise, or b) too damn lazy to want to.


    Though there will be days where you prefer a salad for lunch, just know that these cheat days are OK, and don't let them deter you from your ideal dadbod goal.

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    As you can see here, it's all about incorporating different fats and sugars into your daily regime. Ensure that you still maintain a healthy level of vegetables and fruits in your diet as well, because nutrients and health are still important.

    Remember, if you do want do work out, go for it!

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    If you go to the gym though, make sure you avoid any personal trainers. They will corner you, and try to convince that you want a six pack and chiseled biceps. You do not. The fitbod is the mortal enemy of the dadbod. Also make sure you have an adequate pre workout snack. A banana sundae would do nicely.

    A moderate to heavy amount of drinking is also a key element in attaining your dream dadbod.


    The effects are two fold. One, excess beer directly links to weight gain and two, you're likely to wake up the next day with a hangover, which will limit your desire to exercise and burn off any of your beer calories. Always drink responsibly, and always soak up your hangover with a pizza and a greasy burger.

    Snacks are always a good idea as well. If in doubt, snack.

    As you can see, having a dadbod is not that hard. Basically you need to just not give a fuck and be as lazy or as active as you damn well please.

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    Embrace the dadbod! Be the dadbod!

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