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    15 Things To Know If You Want To See A "Saturday Night Live" Taping

    You don't need to wear a diaper.

    1. Going to the taping of a Saturday Night Live episode is one of those really cool things that just seem impossible to do.

    2. Sometimes you need to get there early, sometimes not so much.


    When the host/musical guest doesn't have a huge or passionate fanbase, you could probably join the line Friday evening and have a good chance of getting in. Some people have gotten in after getting there at 5 a.m. Saturday.

    But when the musical guest was BTS, fans began lining up Monday at 1 a.m. For Harry Styles, the line started Tuesday. I recently saw an episode with Taylor Swift and was ninth in line when I joined it early Thursday morning.

    3. You don't need to wear a diaper.

    4. Bring a chair or source some cardboard.

    5. And bring warm clothes.

    6. You'll take all your stuff home and come back before the show.

    7. You will make friends.

    8. Get ready for a LOT of questions from strangers...

    random man handed us $100 so we bought pizza for the snl standby line 🤝😤💗

    The queue runs along Sixth Avenue, so there's a lot of foot traffic going by. Literally every four minutes at least, someone would stop to ask why we were lining up. Also, be prepared for a lot of "Wow, I would never do that!!!!!!!!" I guess I'll take that as a compliment...?

    One guy stopped and actually gave us $100 to buy pizza for everyone on line. So at least one good thing came from it!

    9. it might be easier to make a sign.

    10. If it's raining, you could take a gamble and bring a tent to keep dry — but they're technically not allowed.

    11. As an aside, 5 a.m. is arguably the best time to see Times Square.

    times square at 5am is a dream bc there’s barely any people

    If you find yourself awake at 5 a.m., the SNL queue is only a block from Times Square. It's the best time to visit because it's still dark, so all the signs look amazing — but there are no hordes of tourists.

    12. Figure out whether you want to do dress rehearsal or live show.

    13. The dress rehearsal is about 30 minutes longer than the normal show.

    We recorded this week's episode last night and realized that for the third week in a row, FIVE (5) sketches were cut from dress rehearsal! Be sure to listen in this week to find out what they were, and why the dress rehearsal ran 20 minutes over its typical 2 hours! #snl

    You'll see all the same sketches, plus some other ones that don't make it into the live show. The rehearsal audience is used almost like a test audience to see how the jokes land.

    14. And the cast is a lot more chilled out for the rehearsal.

    15. It's amazing to watch them put together and break down sets.

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    Arguably one of the best things about watching an SNL show is seeing how it all works behind the scenes. After finishing a sketch, the cast sprints off the stage for a costume/makeup change. A huge crew breaks down the entire set and props in what looks like a very tightly choreographed manner.