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    This Is For Everyone Who Has No Idea How To Cook Tofu

    Welcome to Tofu 101.

    Tofu is one of those foods which can be kind of confusing, unless you know how to cook it.

    First off, wtf even is tofu?

    Usually in grocery stores, you'll be able to find firm or hard tofu, and silken or soft tofu.

    First up: Let's talk firm tofu.

    Tofu is like a sponge: By letting the excess moisture soak out, you're making it way more ready to absorb the flavours you're cooking with.

    Ok... then what?

    And what should I eat it with?

    And how about silken tofu?

    Because it's so runny, you wouldn't be able to use chunks of soft or silken tofu in a dish like stir-fry or noodles.

    Once you start getting comfortable with simple things like stir-frys, you can start branching out into the more ~deluxe~ tofu meals.

    And that's it!

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