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18 Tweets For Everyone Who Constantly Feels Let Down By "Pretty Little Liars"

"Like omg wear flats."

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1. We've all been watching it for so long now...

2. ...but this season feels like we've gone about 100 steps backwards.

3. Because this has never been truer:

4. And we're all at the point where we're saying this every Tuesday.

5. Though... there is one big reason to keep watching.

6. And we're all very, very protective of our original ships.

7. And we live for any scenes with them.

8. All the secondary ships are a little hard to keep track of...

9. BUT, there have been a lot of problematic story lines lately.

10. And honestly, some things are pretty ridiculous, so you spend the whole show thinking, "".

11. "?????????"

12. We love it... but it really fucks us up.

13. Though sometimes, it's hard to keep the loyalty.

14. Because we honestly can't handle anymore twists that come out of nowhere.

15. But now there's a new mystery, we can never leave!

16. Those girls really need to go to the goddamn police, though.

17. Like... c'mon guys.

18. And, honestly, this tweet could actually be talking about any scene, from any episode, over the last six years.