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    14 Things Foreigners Believe About Australia — And The Actual Truth Behind Each One

    We're not all binge-drinking crocodile hunters.

    1. Foreigners: "Australia is full of bugs and spiders and things that'll kill you. I'll never live there."

    Aussies: "Maybe, but it's the magpies you should really be scared of. The bugs stay out of your way, but the maggies make it their mission to get ya."

    2. Foreigners: "Compulsory voting is such a good idea."

    Australians: "LOL, I'm gonna draw a dick."

    Someone ordered a kebab on their senate voting paper today. (Photo @facebook)

    Twitter: @MKarstunen

    3. Foreigners: "Aussies swear all the time."

    Aussies: "Yeah, kinda, but only among friends. We're not just going around dropping c-bombs and f-bombs to the supermarket cashiers."

    4. Foreigners: "Australia's not that big, right? I can do a road trip of the whole country in 10 days?"

    Aussies: "It's fuckin' massive, especially when you consider our population size."

    5. Foreigners: "Australia has incredible coffee, so many cool boutique cafés and skilled baristas."

    Aussies: "True, but the coffee at McDonald's and 7-Eleven is just as good, so a lot of us drink that because it's way easier and almost just as good."

    A Large coffee frappe from maccas has literally saved my life more than any of my ‘friends’

    Twitter: @shahiltheking

    6. Foreigners: "Okay, maybe Aussie coffee is delish, but damn, the cups are so tiny."

    Aussies: "Yes, they're small if you're used to drinking regular filter coffee, but ours are espresso-based. So, trust us, you'll get your caffeine hit."

    7. Foreigners: "Vegemite is disgusting, like a spoonful of yeasty salt."

    listen americans if this is how much vegemite yall are putting on your toast its no wonder yall dont like it

    Twitter: @babyouremyqueen

    Australians: *Spreading it lightly on toast with butter for a perfect breakfast*.

    This is the perfect amount of @Vegemite (which is kept in the pantry).

    Twitter: @BethanyinCBR

    8. Foreigners: "Wow, Australia has such amazing biodiversity! You guys must be so thankful to live somewhere so beautiful."

    Australians: "Wellllllll, the reef is bleaching, and half our wildlife are being caught in bushfires, but yeah."

    9. Foreigners: "We know you don't ride kangaroos, but surely you see them in your backyard and stuff."

    Australians: "Like, 90% of us live in urban areas, so the most wildlife we're going to see is cockroaches and daddy longlegs."

    Australia has an average population density of 3.3 person/sq km, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world:) #maps

    Twitter: @wonderingmaps

    10. Foreigners: "Foster's is the national beer, so everyone must drink it."

    Aussies: "LOL, no, you can't even get it in pubs here."

    11. Foreigners: "Every Australian I've met drinks alcohol like it's water."

    Aussies: "Yeah, we have a culture of binge drinking and a lot of strange rituals around alcohol...maybe we can give you this one."

    12. Foreigners: "I want to move to Australia, where it's always sunny and warm."

    Australians: "Only if you live in the far north of the country, but then you've got cyclones and droughts to deal with."

    13. Foreigners: "Considering there's so much there that can kill you, surely Aussies can fight off crocs, kill snakes, and punch sharks?"

    Aussies: "Literally just leave them alone and they won't come near you...for the most part."

    14. And finally, foreigners: "Australia's government nailed the COVID regulations and lockdowns."

    Australians: "Yes, we did in 2020 and 2021...but that totally fell off as soon as we got vaccinated. Now we're just living with it like everyone else."

    The Australian approach to Covid policy

    Twitter: @brencarruthers