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    These Old Videos Of Ryan Gosling Dancing Are Just Amazing

    Balloon pants and all.

    A video has been posted to Facebook of a very young Ryan Gosling singing and dancing.

    They show the 12-year-old strutting his stuff on stage and basically giving zero fucks.

    Oh, and he's singing Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog", because of course he is.

    So we now have video proof that Ryan's been slaying since he was born.

    And we know he's seen these videos too.

    Obviously I peaked early. Thank you @JaneChupick and twitter for the check up from the neck up.

    BuzzFeed confirmed that the videos are from a recital at Elite Dance Studio in 1992, the year before he joined the Mickey Mouse Club.

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

    Never change.