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    We Went On A Ghost Tour And Had The Scariest Night Of Our Lives

    One of Australia’s most haunted locations, three of Australia’s most frightened chickens.

    Hi, we're Jemima, Mat, and Michelle, and we're all big ol' scaredy-cats.

    So somehow, all three of us found ourselves on a night-time tour of one of Australia's most haunted locations, Quarantine Station.

    The area used to be home to a hospital, jail, and quarantine station for people arriving to Australia by ship in the 19th and 20th centuries. By day, it's one of the most scenic places in the city, on one of the headlands in the harbour, where a lot of weddings are held. By night, it's all your nightmares come to life. You're walking around in the dark, through old buildings on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by national park. And though you rationally KNOW that you're near civilisation, you feel isolated AF.

    And honestly, we were all pretty certain we'd shit ourselves before the night was over.

    Michelle was actually super chill about it, until we got there and suddenly we all realised what we were in for. We'd been booked on the "extreme ghost tour", which is described as: "Hear tales of malevolent spirits and shocking events. Basic experiments will be used to try and encourage paranormal activity and perhaps reveal underlying truths that have long been buried." It's also worth mentioning that this tour is only meant to be for people who have already been on basic tours before, which of course we hadn't. So we all knew we were in for a long and scary night.

    The tour started with them dropping us off in a dark, deserted courtyard between two buildings and driving away.

    Because, let us tell you, there were definite bad vibes there.

    We had two guides, and we later found out that rule was only made after an ill-tempered spirit cracked a guide's neck while he was leading a group by himself, and he passed out for seven minutes. And here we were blissfully telling ourselves that surely the ghosts couldn't actually hurt us.

    The guides were like supernatural good cop and bad cop. One was the “protector”, tasked with keeping us safe, the other the “antagonist” who was there to provoke the ghosts, calling them shitbags to make them react. He was able to weave the most ordinary historical information into diabolical bullshit that made sitting in a pitch-black room completely terrifying. And that was really the most terrifying part of the experience – all the stories. All three of us saw, felt, or heard things that were (almost) definitely ghosts, but they weren't the things that scared us. It was the suspense, hearing scary stories and waiting in the silent dark in case something happened.

    Luckily we had very high-tech tools for detecting the presence of ghosts.

    Though just because there weren't any spooky apparitions lurking in the background of our Snapchats doesn't mean that we didn't have any ghostly encounters.

    By the end of it, none of us had pooped ourselves but Michelle definitely came the closest.