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    19 Things You'll Understand If You Just Need A Fucking Holiday

    "What a week it's been."- You, on a Monday.

    1. You spend a lot of your workday sitting at your desk, surreptitiously looking at travel sites.

    Comedy Channel

    2. And now your Facebook feed is filled with ads for travel pages, which just makes things worse.


    3. You've also taken to scrolling through the Instagram hashtags for all the places you want to visit next.

    4. And your own Instagram is boring AF because it's been so long since you last travelled.


    5. So you keep trying to find places to visit in your own city that'll give you that "I'm on a holiday" vibe, but they just don't cut it.

    6. And you've taken to just ignoring the Snapchat stories of all your friends who are on holiday because you've got massive FOMO.

    Jemima Skelley

    7. You just want to be on holiday so badly, but never get around to deciding on a place and booking everything.

    8. Each time you pass a travel agent, you have to nip in and grab a new brochure.

    9. And you start off planning a holiday that looks like this...

    10. ...though you quickly have to adjust your expectations when you start looking at costs.

    11. Your inbox is filled with all the travel deal newsletters you subscribed to...


    12. ...and you instantly text your partner or friends as soon as you see a good deal.


    13. Whenever you go shopping, you buy things that you'll probably need on the hypothetical holiday you haven't even booked yet.

    14. And you've made mental lists of all the books you'll read on the plane and at the beach.

    15. You make sure to click on every single travel-related article that you come across online.


    Whether it's about Norway or New Zealand, it's still a potential destination for you.

    16. Every work week feels like it lasts for eight years.

    17. But every time you look at a #travelgoals blog, you instantly feel better.

    18. So you decide to bite the bullet and finally book everything.

    19. Because it's truly what you deserve.

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