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29 Google Chrome Extensions That Are Actually Crazy Useful

Embrace the extension. H/T to this reddit thread.

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9. Facebook

Access your notifications and messages, post statuses and photos, and comment and like posts, all from a Chrome toolbar. It saves you having to go on the actual page and see just how many of your friends are getting engaged and having babies. Get it here.

12. Lazarus: Form Recovery

Lazarus automatically saves all the text you type, just in case you're filling out a form or writing in a message box, and the website crashes or times out. Get it here.


15. Honey

When you're buying something online, Honey scours the rest of the web for coupons and discount codes, and if it finds anything, applies it to your purchase. Sometimes it comes up with nothing, but it's worth it for the times it saves you money. Get it here.

17. LastPass

LastPass manages all your usernames and passwords securely, and will auto login to sites for you. It also generates and saves randomly generated passwords for you to be extra safe. AKA it sounds like the handiest thing ever. Get it here.


22. Tumblr Savior

Tumblr Savior lets you blacklist certain hashtags that you don't want on your feed. Perfect if you want to avoid spoilers for a certain show or are sick of seeing weheartit hipster crap. Get it here.


26. Save To Pocket

Save articles and videos that you don't have time to watch to your "Pocket", to read later. You can sync between your phone and computer as well to make it even easier. Get it here.


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