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    29 Google Chrome Extensions That Are Actually Crazy Useful

    Embrace the extension. H/T to this reddit thread.

    1. Checker Plus for Gmail

    See and reply to emails, from multiple accounts, without ever having to open up a Gmail tab. Get it here.

    2. Google Dictionary

    Highlight a word to get the dictionary definition. Get it here.

    3. Clipboard History

    This extension saves everything you Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X for however many days that you choose. Get it here.

    4. Momentum

    Replaces your "new tab" page with something a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Get it here.

    5. Speed Dial 2

    If you're a fan of function over form, this extension fills your "new tab" page with your favourite websites, or articles you've saved to read later. Get it here.

    6. StayFocusd

    It limits the amount of time you can spend on "time wasting" websites which you nominate. Get it here.

    7. Hover Zoom

    Enlarge a thumbnail just by, you guessed it, hovering your mouse over it. Get it here.

    8. Dictionary of Numbers

    This extension finds large numbers in text and puts them in a context that is easier to understand. Get it here.

    9. Facebook

    Access your notifications and messages, post statuses and photos, and comment and like posts, all from a Chrome toolbar. It saves you having to go on the actual page and see just how many of your friends are getting engaged and having babies. Get it here.

    10. Herp Derp for YouTube

    Replace every YouTube comment with "herps" and "derps". Get it here.

    11. Gif Delayer

    It doesn't play GIFs in your browser until they're fully loaded, to avoid GIFs playing slowly on the first loop. Get it here.

    12. Lazarus: Form Recovery

    Lazarus automatically saves all the text you type, just in case you're filling out a form or writing in a message box, and the website crashes or times out. Get it here.

    13. Magic Actions for YouTube

    Turn YouTube watching into a full-on ~cinema experience~. It blocks ads, hides comments, and lets you change the volume just with your mouse wheel. Get it here.

    14. Cloud To Butt

    Replaces the word "cloud" with the word "butt". Why not? Get it here.

    15. Honey

    When you're buying something online, Honey scours the rest of the web for coupons and discount codes, and if it finds anything, applies it to your purchase. Sometimes it comes up with nothing, but it's worth it for the times it saves you money. Get it here.

    16. Comic Sans EVERYWHERE

    It literally just changes every font on the internet into Comic Sans. Get it here.

    17. LastPass

    LastPass manages all your usernames and passwords securely, and will auto login to sites for you. It also generates and saves randomly generated passwords for you to be extra safe. AKA it sounds like the handiest thing ever. Get it here.

    18. Cite This For Me.

    Click one button and suddenly referencing for academic papers is so much easier. Why didn't I know about this while I was at uni? Get it here.

    19. Hola!

    Access any website that's blocked in your country, or basically just watch American Netflix if you're in Australia. Get it here.

    20. Awesome Screenshot

    Screenshot images and then edit or draw on them without having to open Paint. Get it here.

    21. Evernote Web Clipper

    Save things you see online straight to your Evernote account. Get it here.

    22. Tumblr Savior

    Tumblr Savior lets you blacklist certain hashtags that you don't want on your feed. Perfect if you want to avoid spoilers for a certain show or are sick of seeing weheartit hipster crap. Get it here.

    23. nCage.

    Replace every image on every website with a photo of Nicolas Cage. Perfect for fucking with your friends. Get it here.

    24. GifMe

    It's essentially cloud storage for your GIF library, so they're super easy to save, find, and share. Get it here.

    25. NEnhancer

    It pulls IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings into your Netflix account, as well as a link to watch the trailer. Get it here.

    26. Save To Pocket

    Save articles and videos that you don't have time to watch to your "Pocket", to read later. You can sync between your phone and computer as well to make it even easier. Get it here.

    27. PanicButton

    Hide all your open tabs at once with a single click, and restore them later. It's great if you get caught watching porn at work. Get it here.

    28. AdBlock

    It blocks your pop-up ads. That's it. Enough said. Get it here.

    29. Tab Ahead

    If you have a lot of tabs open, this extension lets you search by title or URL to find a certain one quickly. What a lifesaver. Get it here.