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32 Photos That Show The Difference Between Normal Food And Hipster Food


1. Normal spag bol:

Hipster spag bol.

2. Normal lemonade:

Hipster lemonade.

3. Normal sausages:

Hipster sausages.

4. Normal ice cream:

Hipster ice cream.

5. Normal beer:

Hipster beer.

6. Normal burger:

Hipster burger.

7. Normal chips:

Hipster chips.

8. Normal coffee:

Hipster coffee.

9. Normal cereal:

Hipster cereal.

10. Normal breakfasts:

Hipster breakfasts.

11. Normal water:

Hipster water.

12. Normal muffins:

Hipster muffins.

13. Normal spring rolls:

Hipster spring rolls.

14. Normal sandwiches:

Hipster sandwiches.

15. Normal bangers 'n' mash:

Hipster bangers 'n' mash.

16. Normal restaurants:

Hipster restaurants.