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    This Guy Got Pulled Over For Driving An Esky Without A License

    He was just way too chill.

    An Australian man was pulled over by police on Saturday afternoon for driving this homemade motorised Esky down a Victorian sidewalk.

    Victoria Police / Via

    Chris Ryan, whose Esky can reach speeds of 20 km/hr, was fined $1416 for not having a license and for driving an unregistered vehicle.

    "I mainly drive the Esky to the shops," he told the Herald-Sun. "It's handy for keeping the groceries and beer cool, but I never drink and drive."

    Earlier this month, an Adelaide man was charged with driving a similar vehicle around a shopping centre carpark.

    SA Police / Via

    Apparently 'meskies' (motorised eskies) are quite a common occurrence.

    And are appropriate for all ages.

    Pretty damn ~cool~.

    Just make sure you've got a license for your mesky.

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