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29 Of The Most Australian Sentences Ever

"Just waiting for a mate."

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1. "Here's to Bo-ob, he's true blue, he's a piss pot through and through..."

2. "Why are there always butter flecks in the Vegemite jar?"

3. "I just got swooped by a fucking magpie!"

4. "Who's up for a Macca's run?"


5. "Yeah, nah."

6. "Whatta cunt."


7. "Can you pull into the servo for a sec, I gotta grab a sausage roll." / Via Wikipedia Commons

8. "Maaaaaaaaaaaaate."

9. "Just chuck a u-ey."

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10. "I'm going up the shops, you want anything?"

11. "Let me just whack on my trakky daks, and I'll come with."

12. "I'm just heading down to Bunnings for a sausage sizzle."

13. "You up for beers this arvo?"

14. "Fark, today looks like it'll be a scorcher!"


15. "Are you going to Splendour this year?"

16. "These. Fucking. Mozzies."

17. "This is shithouse."


18. "Ah, shit, I stepped in a bindi patch."

19. "Why is the internet so slow?"

20. "You look like such a derro."


21. "I'm gonna pick up some goon for pres."

22. "I got maggot last night."

23. "I think I'll just chuck a sickie."

24. "Mate, he lives out in woop-woop!"

25. "No dramas."


26. "Should we do snags or chops for the barbie?"

27. "You're giving me the shits."


28. "Have a good one!"

29. "I'm just waiting for a mate."

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