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    16 Backpacker Hostels That Are Legit Fit For A Queen

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    Staying in a hostel is a real high-risk, high-reward game. Some are amazing, with loads of people to meet, strong Wi-Fi and a killer breakfast buffet. But some are a little scummy, loud or just not comfortable. Well this week Hostelworld released the list of best-rated hotels around the world by real-life travellers, and there are some absolute gems on the list. Here are some of the best – also you can search for the top-rated places by city or country if you've got a specific destination in mind.

    1. The Roadhouse, Prague

    2. Soul Kitchen, St Petersburg

    3. We Love F. Tourists, Lisbon

    4. Stamps Backpackers, Chang Mai

    5. Travellers Oasis, Cairns

    6. Adventure Q2, Queenstown

    7. Cosy Nook, Da Lat

    8. Maya Papaya, Antigua

    9. Los Patios, Medellin

    10. B.I.G. Backpackers, Cape Town

    11. 5 Terre Backpackers, Cinque Terre

    12. The Millennials, Kyoto

    13. Freehand, Chicago

    14. The Hive Party Hostel, Budapest

    15. Stay Hostel, Rhodes

    16. ClinkNOORD, Amsterdam

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