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This Girl Woke Up From A Nap And Taylor Swift Was There

Another installment of "Taylor is the greatest human ever".

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On her way home to Tennessee for Christmas, Taylor Swift stopped by Colorado to visit a young fan who has terminal cancer.

Instagram: @delaneyy

Tay woke 13-year-old Delaney Clements from a nap to surprise her after her mum launched a social media campaign, #DelaneyMeetTaylor.

Facebook: wendyncampbell

"I was just laying down taking a nap in my room when my mom said I had a visitor," Delaney posted on Instagram. "And I thought it might just be another person coming to see how I was. Then suddenly the most amazing miracle happens... The Taylor Swift walked into my bedroom and spent the afternoon with me just talking and hanging!!!! I am beyond Blessed for everyone's help and support!!! Thank you!!! Happy holidays!!"

Last year, Delaney uploaded this video of her performing "Shake it Off" with her friends, declaring her love for Taylor and saying how much she'd love to meet her.

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