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    This Queer Man Was Given An Empowering Photoshoot After He Was Brutally Bashed

    "We thought he deserved to be seen in his natural state."

    Last month, Sydney resident Isaac Keatinge was attacked in Newtown, because he was wearing makeup and a dress.


    In an effort to bring some good into the world, the organisation Heaps Gay got in touch with Isaac and treated him to a makeover and photoshoot for him and his friends.

    Brad Tennant / Via

    Sam, a writer for Heaps Gay who spoke with Isaac, has lived in Newtown for most of his life. "After his attack, Isaac's bloodied face was plastered all over the media," he told BuzzFeed. "But we thought he deserved to be seen in his natural state. It was important for me to provide a platform for this story to be retold on Isaac's terms."

    “I suppose I have a sense of faith within our diverse community, and hope that wider society, including Australia, will one day follow suit," Isaac told Heaps Gay.


    "Of course dressing is a means of expression, but not everyone has the means to dress the way they feel," he said.

    "There has been a massive outpouring of support since the attack," he said. "The rules of gender are so heavily enforced, and I think certain groups of people have an institutionalised idea of reinforcing those norms. It’s almost like there’s a vested interest in the pecking order."

    Photographer Brad Tennant says that what happened to Isaac felt like an attack on the whole community.

    "This shoot was really our way of reclaiming the freedom to dress how we like in our hometown," he told BuzzFeed. "It was about reiterating the strength of diversity."

    You can read more about Isaac here.

    Brad Tennant / Via

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