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31 Gifts Every "Harry Potter" Fan Actually Wants To Receive

Take note, Muggles.

1. To try what actual Butterbeer tastes like, not just the theme park appropriation.

Warner Bros.

Yes Harry, we do.

2. For a Wizarding World theme park to open within 10km of your house.

3. To get a Hogwarts letter in the mail.

Warner Bros.

4. To actually GO to Hogwarts as a student.

Warner Bros.

5. Tickets to The Cursed Child and some way of getting to London if you don't already live there.

6. Or just for The Cursed Child to tour to every single city and town in the world.

Warner Bros.

7. OR how about Jo writes a book version of it so we can keep re-reading it forever?

Warner Bros.

8. For Dobby to be alive.

Warner Bros.

9. An afternoon with J. K. Rowling, where you could sit down and ask her anything and she'd answer.

TF1 News

10. A sleepover at the Studio Tour.

11. For Fantastic Beasts to be released, like, right now.

Entertainment Weekly / Jaap Buitendijk / Warner Bros. / Via

12. Or at least can we just have a trailer?

13. The encyclopedia that we thought we were going to get.

14. Or an alternate reality where Pottermore was actually good and what we'd hoped for.

15. For JKR's new childrens book to be just as good as Harry Potter.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Lol jk, nothing will ever be as good as Harry Potter.

16. Enough Skiving Snackboxes to get you through the next year.

17. To know what the earwax Bertie Bott tastes like.

Warner Bros.

It might be gross, but it's still magical AF.

18. A pet Pygmy Puff.

Warner Bros.

19. A broomstick.

Warner Bros.

Even if it's just an adult version of the toddler ones that only hover a few feet above the ground.

20. For Quidditch to be real.

Warner Bros.

Muggle Quidditch is great...but not ~magical~ enough.

21. The ability to apparate, so you can take your lazy ass anywhere you like.

Warner Bros.

22. And a Time Turner so you can undo all the dumb things you've done.

Warner Bros.

But you better come up with a good excuse for needing it, for your Ministry permit.

23. A date with Viktor Krum.

Warner Bros.

24. For Hermione's hair to actually be bushy in all eight movies.

Warner Bros.

25. And some kind of DVD re-release where Harry actually has green eyes?!!???!!!!

26. Hermione's extendable bag.

Warner Bros.

27. A jumper knitted by Molly Weasley.

Warner Bros.

28. To try strawberry and peanut butter ice cream at Florean Fortescue's.

Universal Studios

29. A holiday house that is an exact replica of The Burrow.

Warner Bros. / Via

30. An owl.

Warner Bros.

Because Muggle post is for chumps.

31. And to be able to temporarily wipe your mind, and re-read Harry Potter without any idea of what was coming.

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