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    Hamish Blake Has The World's Most Adorable Baby

    And he has a koala outfit!

    TV and radio presenter Hamish and his author wife Zoe Foster-Blake are one of Australia's best-looking couples.

    So it's really no surprise that their son, Sonny is extremely photogenic as well.

    Look at those eyes!

    And this four-month-old is no stranger to an adorable costume.


    He's always there to help out a single friend.

    "Hey guys!"

    "Look at my ears!"

    "Ok mum, I know I'm cute, but do you really need this many photos?"

    Yes. Yes we do.

    Just look at this perfect family.

    And their cat!

    You just wish you were this cute.

    And that your cheeks were this pinch-able.

    And here he is being Wolverine. Yes that is also Hugh Jackman. This photo wins Instagram.

    Well done Sonny for being Australia's most insanely adorable baby.