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    24 Things You Know If You Actually Love The Gym

    Doing it for the gains.

    1. For most people, going to the gym is more a chore than a thing they actually want to do.

    2. But you can't relate, because exercising is honestly one of the best parts of your day.

    3. Though people normally look at you like this when you tell them.

    4. You're constantly asked where you get your motivation from.

    5. And you try to tell them that once they start, they won't want to stop, but they find it a little hard to believe.

    6. But you know how addictive seeing results can be.

    7. Yes, sleeping in is great. But waking up early and getting your workout done before the day even starts is a way better feeling.

    8. Unless you're more of a nighttime person, and you know just how great a post-workout sleep is.

    9. Your foam roller is the most important thing you own.

    10. There's nothing that thrills you more than walking into a gym and finding it empty.

    11. You've embarrassingly found yourself talking to strangers at parties about the gym, and making them feel your biceps.

    12. You've realised how goddamn expensive activewear can be.

    13. You dream of a fully stocked gym wardrobe, but in reality you just can't afford more than a couple outfits.

    14. And that means that you have to either do a lot of laundry, or wear the same sweaty tank top two days in a row.

    15. You've discovered protein and now it's your best friend.

    16. And carbs are no longer your enemy; they're now delicious, delicious workout fuel.

    17. You're overjoyed when you find someone else who loves working out, because you're all about having a gym buddy.

    18. Though sometimes you end up just accidentally skipping your workout and going to the new whole-foods cafe you've been meaning to try.

    19. Your Instagram or Snapchat has become filled with beautiful photos of healthy food.

    20. And you're all about trying to make ~healthy~ versions of your favourite meals.

    21. Because you're constantly hungry, but want to fuel yourself with the right foods.

    22. Your Sunday afternoons look a little like this.

    23. And you get excited at the thought of planning new workouts or increasing your weights.

    24. And though you know rest days are important, sometimes it's so hard not to work out.