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Stop Everything, The Cast of "Harry Potter" Have A Group Chat

What a world we live in.

Emma Watson is currently doing a bunch of interviews to promote her new film Beauty and the Beast.

In one of these interviews, she was asked if she's still in touch with Daniel Radcliffe, a question I'm sure she's never been asked before.

emma watson saying the harry potter cast has a group chat cAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING

Anyway, Emma revealed some news that will have Harry Potter fans around the world crying out in FOMO: The former cast members all have a WhatsApp group chat. I guess those D.A. coins stopped working.

Emma used it to try to get everyone to come along to a screening of Beauty and the Beast, but she says getting them all in the same city is like trying to catch Pokémon.

God that gc must be lit. 🔥

Please let us join. We miss you.