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31 Things Australians Would Never Say

Um, they're called flip flops.

1. "Magpies are kind and gentle creatures."

2. "The Neighbours theme song isn't catchy."


3. "I don't mind admitting that pavlova is from New Zealand."

Cartoon Network

4. "I've never been to the beach."

5. "Throw another shrimp on the barbie."

6. "Kath & Kim isn't remotely accurate."


7. "Pub food is gross."


8. "Australia is so cheap."

9. "Public transport is so reliable."


10. "Iggy Azalea is a national treasure."

11. "Nah, I don't like sausage sizzle."

12. "Chris Lilley isn't even funny."

13. "I've never eaten a Tim Tam."

14. "We have such great access to American TV shows."


15. "I have no problem with flies."

16. "I couldn't find what I was looking for at Dan Murphy's."


17. "Crocodile Dundee is a perfect representation of our culture."

18. "Goon has no place in our country."


19. "They're flip flops, not thongs."

Paramount Pictures

20. "I've never called someone mate when I'm mad with them."

Walt Disney Studios

21. "I love people thinking I'm a Kiwi when I travel."

22. "Kyle Sandilands is my hero."


23. "The Australian government really knows what they're doing".

Paramount Pictures

24. "Australian movies are great and should win every Oscar."


25. "Shane Warne has aged really well."

26. "Coffee tastes better in the USA."

Marvel Studios

27. "Why hasn't Home and Away won a Golden Globe yet?"

Film District

28. "Mum is actually spelt with an 'o'."


29. "I get all my important news from A Current Affair."

Comedy Central

30. "Wtf is a Zooper Dooper?!"

31. "Summer in Australia is never hot enough."

20th Century Fox

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