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    22 Of Your Old Harry Potter Toys That Could Pay For College

    We really never should have opened our old Lego sets.

    1. Trivia Board Game, $101

    Mattel / Via

    This was one of THE coolest board games you could own back in the day, although you probably got to a point where you'd memorised the answers to every trivia question.

    Yes, every single minifigure, and every single set, with every brick included.

    3. Harry Potter Uno, $122

    Once you played Harry Potter Uno, the normal game was never the same.

    4. Hedwig Money Bank, $499.99

    Not that you'll have any money left to put in it.

    5. Lego Hogwarts Castle, $1,199

    LEGO / Via

    Who knew that one day your old Lego set would be worth this much?

    6. Mystery at Hogwarts Board Game, $100.31

    Mattel / Via

    Like Cluedo, but at Hogwarts. So way better.

    7. Hogsmeade Hermione, $75

    Come on, it doesn't even look like Hermione.

    8. Hagrid Photo Frame, $190

    Surely only a kid would actually want this displayed in their home?

    9. Quidditch Racing Track, $194.99

    OK, this one was very cool. Just like slot cars, but with broomsticks.

    10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Game Boy Advance Game, $99.99

    Cool kids had this game on PlayStation, but the really cool kids played it on Game Boy.

    11. Vibrating Nimbus 2000, $149.50

    These vibrating broomsticks are super limited-edition, after being pulled off the shelves for, uh, getting kids a bit too excited.

    12. Backpack, $44.99

    While the price isn't outrageous, it's still quite a lot to pay for a backpack...

    13. Wizard Chess, $148

    Chess has never been cooler.

    14. Polyjuice Potion Maker, $141.55

    It's like science, but fun.

    15. Lord Voldemort Figurine, $50

    Why is his face green though?

    16. Plush Set of Four, $360

    Honestly, these toys are kinda ugly. But they are rare AF.

    17. Harry Potter Toothbrush, $19.95

    Now that's a pricey toothbrush.

    18. Levitating Challenge Game, $107.86

    This game was the SHIT. You had to levitate the little balls through goal posts using mini fans. Technology, man.

    I open at the close.

    20. Whomping Willow Playset, $82.71

    Kind of like a Polly Pocket, but 1,000x times better.

    21. Quidditch Card Game, $98.17

    The next best thing to actually being able to fly.

    22. The Great Hall Puzzle, $176

    Let's face it, puzzles kind of suck. But this one certainly does not. Old illustrations of Harry Potter that pre-date the movies are amazing.

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