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    18 Tumblr Posts That Prove Aussie Stereotypes Are Actually True

    Basically, we give no fucks.

    1. We have lots of kangaroos, everywhere.

    2. To the point where they're a bit of a pest, really.

    3. We have a lot of spiders.

    4. We like saying "cunt".

    5. Like... a lot.

    6. We've had a lot of prime ministers recently.

    7. We have our own language.

    8. And we won't accept any different.

    9. Though at times, we can't even understand each other.

    10. It gets really fucking hot in summer.

    11. We have amazing, gourmet cuisine.

    12. We drink a lot.

    13. Though we tend not to bother with the fancy shit.

    14. Our TV shows are pretty different to everywhere else.

    15. Though we're very protective of them.

    16. We enjoy a fierce rivalry with New Zealand.

    17. We're a huge country.

    18. And we really dgaf.

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