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19 Honest Confessions From Reality TV Show Producers

"Reality" is a very loose term.

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2. "Unscripted" is a lot more of an accurate description than "reality".


Editors have to create a story arc just based off the footage they have. Sometimes this means editors have to create "frankenbites" – different sound bites from the same person mashed together to form a complete "sentence". This doesn't usually happen on every show, though, and it's often easy to pick up on.

3. And if two people are arguing, the producers will engineer scenes where they have to face off.


So if a producer hears Amy complaining to her friends about Josh, saying he's pissing her off, two hours later, Amy will mysteriously find herself sitting next to Josh at lunch.


10. The crew and cast of a show never really mingle.

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It's weird because the crew knows everything about the cast members' lives, and witness really intimate moments, but the cast knows nothing about the crew.


This post was created with information found in various Reddit AMA threads.