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    22 Weird Eating Quirks That Seem Perfectly Normal To Australians

    How many wheat bricks do you do?

    1. Not being content with a burger unless it's overflowing.

    2. Making carpark sausage sizzles a weekend ritual.

    3. Calling sugar on bread a kid's party food.

    4. Starting our day with fermented yeast spread.

    5. Eating chicken-flavoured salt which definitely has no chicken in it?

    6. And frying up our native fauna on the BBQ.

    7. Breakfasting on wheat bricks because cricketers tell us to.

    8. Soaking a meat pie in pea soup.

    9. Enjoying burger-flavoured chips.

    10. Serving up a classy platter of processed meat and cheese cubes.

    11. Deep-frying cabbage rolls.

    12. Having such a strange, but so iconic national dessert.

    13. Absolutely loving servo sausage rolls.

    14. Creating an Asian-inspired side to be eaten with fish 'n' chips.

    15. Recreating spiders with three ingredients.

    16. Letting these grandma lollies become mainstream.

    17. Pouring liquified sugar into patty cases.

    18. Our total worshipping of chicken parmas.

    19. Eating room-temperature prawns and mayonnaise.

    20. Loving milk-flavoured chewy sticks.

    21. Lathering a bread roll in icing and coconut.

    22. And frying up big ol' circles of potato and arguing about the name.

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