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22 Weird Eating Quirks That Seem Perfectly Normal To Australians

How many wheat bricks do you do?

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1. Not being content with a burger unless it's overflowing.

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It's not an Aussie burger without a fried egg, bacon, beetroot, and pineapple along with the cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sauce. No one knows why we have to add all these extra ingredients, but we all know that they make the burg 10 times better.

3. Calling sugar on bread a kid's party food.

Instagram: @another_sweet_slice / Via

You guys realise that that's all fairy bread is, right? Just an open sugar sandwich. And what a perfect sugar sandwich it is.


10. Serving up a classy platter of processed meat and cheese cubes.

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While other countries prefer elaborate cheese platters with fancy water crackers, all we need is Bega cubes, some cabanossi, and a side of Jatz.


14. Creating an Asian-inspired side to be eaten with fish 'n' chips.

Instagram: @thecornerchickenshop / Via

Did you know that dim sims are an Aussie invention? And while they're delicious steamed with soy sauce, nothing can really beat a handful of fried dim sims from the chippy.


16. Letting these grandma lollies become mainstream.

Instagram: @lollyuniverse / Via

Though we can all agree that musk sticks taste like a cross between an air freshener and chalk, for some reason we still love them.

18. Our total worshipping of chicken parmas.

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A schnitty is a perfect meal on its own. But our need to slather it in tomato, ham, and cheese, and serve it in every pub in the country, is what sets us apart from the inferior nations.

19. Eating room-temperature prawns and mayonnaise.

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Prawn cocktails are clearly better fresh from the fridge, served by your aunt on Christmas Day without a hint of irony. But you'll still scarf it down even if it's been sitting on the bench for an hour or two.


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