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19 Secrets Baker's Delight Employees Will Never Tell You

So. Much. Flour. Everywhere.

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2. And when we're slicing the samples, we eat at least five pieces before setting it out.

5. BUT anything that has sugar in it, like the finger buns, can’t be given away in case they go off and make someone sick.

We just eat them all after work and get sick from overeating anyway.

7. Every single thing we sell is baked fresh every morning.

Baker's Delight is serving Stars and Stripes and shade today.

8. The only exception to that is the croissants, because they're so hard to do perfectly.

They're baked off-site, frozen, and then baked again in the store every morning.


12. Cheesymite scrolls definitely have real Vegemite in them, not Marmite or some other home brand.

14. When we first start working, we have no idea how to tell the difference between all the different types of loaves.

But then within a week, we can instanty tell Hi-Fibre Lo-GI from a white loaf without even thinking. And that gift sticks with us for life.

15. Baker's Delight is straight up like a drug. Once you start eating it every day, you'll never want to stop.

when you walk on over to Baker's Delight and get a fresh loaf

It's just so, so yum.

16. Counting the loaves at the end of the day is the WOOOORRRST.

We have to do it to keep track of what was sold but omfg it's so annoying when you just want to close up and go home.


17. Getting to work at 8am totally sucked, but then we see the bakers who have been there since 3am and feel guilty for complaining.