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16 Tips To Make Your Next Long-Ass Flight So Much Easier

Travelling is great...15-hour flights are not.

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5. Make the most of terminal shopping before you board.

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You're going to be sitting down for up to 15 hours without a chance to really move around. Rather than waiting at the gate to begin boarding, stretch your legs and go window shopping to get your blood flowing.

7. Change your watch or phone clock to your destination's time zone as soon as you board.

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To avoid jet lag, sync yourself as early as possible. If it's 10pm at your destination when you board, try to sleep through the first half of the flight. That way you won't be exhausted and sleepless when you arrive there in the morning.


8. Bring snacks.

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Airline food is kinda gross, plus all the snacks they offer are salty and will just dehydrate you even more. Pack some easy-to-transport snacks like raw veggies, nuts, and crackers, or have a look at these ideas. Also, we all know how atrocious the coffee and tea is on board. Bring some luxe teabags from home if you want that caffeine hit without the battery acid taste.


15. Invest in one of these sleep collars if you want to sleep like a baby but look like you're dead.

It's better than your standard neck travel pillows because it supports your neck and keeps your head upright while you sleep. It definitely looks ridiculous, but it's actually pretty great.