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18 Secrets Flight Attendants Would Never Tell You

Nothing is really ever clean.

1. It varies by airline, but most flight attendants get free, or heavily discounted, domestic and international flights.


2. They're all trained in dealing with medical emergencies, conflict resolution, and self-defence.


3. Flight attendants nearly always know when two people go into the bathroom together.


Just don't take too long, please.

4. And you should know there are little latches under the toilet doors so that they can be opened from the outside.

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5. But guys...maybe wait 'til you get home. Those toilets are filthy.

People have been known to shit in the sinks.

6. The drinking water on the plane is technically clean...but maybe BYO water and avoid the coffee and tea.


The tanks aren't cleaned all that regularly.

7. Also probably don't lick your tray table because that isn't cleaned very often either.

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8. There's a lot of sex and dating that goes on between flight attendants and pilots.

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9. When staying in a different city overnight, attendants' hotel rooms are paid for by the airline.


10. If you're not a morning person, or don't like early starts, being a flight attendant probably isn't the best job for you.

11. If you're scared of turbulence, try to sit in the front of the plane.

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Or at least over the wing. It's always worse at the back of the plane.

12. Flight attendants always know who the air marshall is.


13. Tipping isn't necessary on planes, but you never know, it might get you a free drink. ;)

14. Because the pay really is not great.


15. And they only get paid when the aircraft doors have closed. So if the plane is grounded for two hours before take-off, but the doors aren't closed, they don't get paid.


At least, that's the policy for most airlines.

16. Most airlines don't provide meals for the attendants – they have to bring their own lunch.

Snacks are fair game though, if there are any left over.

17. Planes that fly long-haul flights often have a hidden area for flight attendants to sleep in.


It's usually above first class, behind the cockpit.

18. Also, please be nice.

Comedy Central

It's just common courtesy. But also, flight attendants have the power to seat you next to a baby.

This information was compiled from these Reddit threads.

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