19 Fierce Street Styles From The Melbourne Fashion Festival

Be inspired by the outfits of Melbourne's fashion elite.

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1. Nicole Warne in a fab baby blue two piece.

instagram.com / garypeppergirl

2. Nixi Killick proving that you sure can mix prints.

instagram.com / nixikillick

3. Montana Cox and a pimpin' leather dress.

instagram.com / jacquiealexander

4. Lauren Brain proves her smarts with this two-toned number.

instagram.com /laurenbrainiac

5. Gemma Watts makes jumpsuits infinitely cool.

instagram.com / gemkwatts

6. Elle Rattenden channels old-school Hollywood glamour.

instagram.com / elle_therat

7. Hanako K. is pretty in pink and florals.

instagram.com / hanako_k_

8. Monica Clara strikes a pose in this kick-ass suit.

instagram.com / monica_clara

9. Sheetal Mudumba brings back the Carrie Bradshaw look.

instagram.com / the3000chapter

10. Dasha Gold shows you can still turn heads in a stunning monochromatic outfit.

instagram.com / thetrendspotter

11. Petrova Hammond makes a statement in backless hot pink.

instagram.com / heykarenwoo

12. Phoebe Montague keeps it demure and elegant.

instagram.com / heykarenwoo

13. Nicole Warne and Margaret Zhang exude effortless cool.

instagram.com / lavazzaaus

14. Montana Cox and Camilla Franks can seemingly do no wrong.

instagram.com / montanacox1

15. Megan Gale pulls off pregnant-chic amazingly.

instagram.com / heykarenwoo

16. Lauren Brain strikes again, getting it right two days in a row.

instagram.com / laurenbrainaic

17. Rachael Finch is sleek in black and white.

instagram.com / tenilleking

18. An unnamed Melbourne-based stylist rocks a mesh top and YSL clutch.

instagram.com / ______________stylist

19. Kalli Loukides shows off her tanned midriff.

instagram.com / _kalliloukides

What's been your favourite look at the festival so far? Let us know in the comments if we've missed one!