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    Posted on 27 Oct 2016

    26 Reasons Why Being A Stan Is Actually A Really Tough Job

    It's been lovely but I have to scream now.

    1. You're constantly broke because not only do you have to buy concert tickets...

    2. ...but also merch...

    3. ...and flights, because at least once your fave is going to do a concert that you NEED to be at, even if it's in a different city or country.

    Taylor Swift owns my ass ✈️🇺🇸

    4. Of course, you need to buy at least two copies of every album...

    5. ...and also every single, every acoustic re-release, every live recording, and every anniversary edition.

    6. Each time your fave does something, you need to devote AT LEAST an hour to discussing it.

    CBS / Via

    7. Because every single thing is important.

    8. New candids are always a cause for a meltdown.

    9. And if your fave is even slightly problematic, you know your life will never be easy again.

    10. If you live anywhere other than the USA, livestreams are both your best friend, and your worst enemy.

    Twitter: @puglifehood

    That middle of the night wakeup call just to watch your fave announce a new single.

    11. And you constantly need to defend your fave, which often means dragging other stans on Twitter.

    12. And everyone knows how dangerous that can be.

    Listen don't bring loose bottoms and limp dick tops on my tl shading Nicki. I will reactivate my stan card tonight…

    13. Though when fandoms you're not a part of start fighting, you love to sit back and enjoy the drama.

    14. You're constantly getting shit from people who think it's trendy to hate on mainstream music.

    15. Particularly if you're a grown-ass adult with a fondness for boybands.

    Instagram: @emiillyturner / Via

    16. But you've made countless friends on the internet who share your stan feels.

    17. Which is great and all, except usually they live hundreds of miles away and you rarely get to see them.

    18. But your stan group chats are lit.

    when you're the only 1989 stan in a group chat full of red stans

    19. Buying tickets online is like being in the Hunger Games.

    Starkid / Via

    20. Though literally nothing will stop you from getting those front row spots.

    Imagine being this dedicated to seeing Beyoncé front row that you camp out 😩🙃

    Twitter: @SophieWaits

    21. You wish and pray to one day meet your fave, though you know if you do, you'll probably end up with a photo like this.

    22. Your phone is filled up with photos of your fave, to the point where you have to delete pics of your friends and family to make room for a photo of their hand.


    23. You have a very close but hate-filled relationship with these.

    24. You either constantly irritate your friends by always tweeting about your fave, or you have two accounts.

    #GrowingUpAFangirl logging into ur fan account from your personal like

    25. The wait between albums is horrible, to the point where you're actually delusional.

    26. And whenever your fave does something, it simultaneously kills you and brings you back to life.

    Altrendo Images / Getty Images

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