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    We Tried To Contour Our Eyebrows And Here's What Happened

    Eyebrows aside, clicking this pen is the most satisfying feeling ever.

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    Ah, eyebrows. They're one of those things that, despite changing beauty trends, everyone has a preference for.


    And while the thin brow reigned in the '00s, nowadays we're all about that volume and thickness.

    Here I was, thinking that all you could really do to your brows is get them shaped and fill them in. But apparently, eyebrow CONTOURING is now a thing?


    To make life a little easier, Benefit have made this clicky pen with four different colours, all for different parts of your brow.


    The two darker colours fill in your brows, while the lighter colours highlight and define the edges.

    We decided to give it a crack and test the pen out for ourselves.


    Jemima never does her eyebrows, so she found the tool pretty helpful.


    The most I do to my brows is whack in a clear gel, but that's about it. I'd never in a million years consider contouring my brows, but I kinda like the way they look. The pen and the instructions make it easy – the only issue I have is that there isn't much product in there, so it'd probably run out pretty quick. It's probably a good tool for learning how to contour when you first start out, then you can DIY with your own product when the pen runs out.

    Michelle is all about brows and preferred her normal brow pencil and concealer method more.


    I'm very particular about my brows and once I find a way that I like, I stick with it forever. I found that the darker pen colours were just a little too dark for the amount of makeup I had on, but I know they'd suit me more with a full face on. The product itself was quite creamy, which would be good for a brow beginner to master. For me however, my oily skin and a tendency to touch my face made me worry it would slip and slide on my face through the day. But after I put some brow gel on, they showed no signs of budging as the day went on. Yay!

    So there you have it: contoured brows are in now, we guess!


    If you want to try the pen for yourself, you can grab it from Benefit.

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